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Hey all! Wanted to share a project I've been working on the past couple of months: PokeBin!

PokeBin is essentially a fork of PokePaste. You might be wondering, what's the point?

I decided to build this for a couple of reasons:
1. Good learning opportunity - I always value the opportunity to work on something new, and this seemed like the perfect intersection between my hobbies.
2. Minor updates - Some slight tweaks, like updating the images used globally and including all mons up until the indigo disk. Additionally, when copying sets from the forced open team sheets (bo3 OTS vgc ladder), Pokepaste has difficulties parsing pastes with improper spacing. This is fixed in PokeBin.
3. Open source - I have never built something that is open-source and allows others to contribute so this was another massive appeal for me to make this.

There are still a couple of features lacking that the original PokePaste has (e.g., single column layout & CAP mons are the two that immediately come to mind -- I do intend to add these in the future). Coupled with the fact that this has no built-in integration with Showdown, even I can see the appeal is quite low. However, I hope that enough people will find it useful and hopefully someday soon I can merge a PR into Showdown to allow for import/export (it should be compatible as the format is the same as Pokepaste)!

Feel free to check out an example paste:

Thanks in advance for checking out my project! Feel free to dig around the source code, leave feedback, or suggest changes here!
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